08:00-09:00        REGISTRATION

09:00-09:15        Opening ceremony

09:15-09:45         Facial Aging and its Clinical Implications Prof. Sebastian Cotofana

09:45-10:15         The 3 Principles for Aesthetic Treatments Prof. Sebastian Cotofana

10:15-10:45         Giving your patient the confidence they deserve – Bring your Business to New Level Dr. Ilan Karavani

10:45-11:15          Update on Safety in Minimally Invasive Treatments Prof. Sebastian Cotofana

11:15-11:45           TEOXANE COFEE BREAK

11:45-12:15          Cellenis PRP technology, Sary K. Mizrachi

12:15-12:30         Dealing with bruises, swelling and dificult patients, dr Kristina Davidović, dr Dejan Antonić, dr Gorana Bijelić, dr Marijana Tubić, dr Branka Marković

12:30-13:00        Why PROFHILO is the most wanted dermoaesthetic treatment in the world? Everyone is a

masterpiece.       Dr Dejan Antonić

13:00-13:30        Solutions for face tightening without overfilled sindrome InMode live demo, dr Nataša Milošević, dr Srđan Prodanović, , dr Kristina Davidović

13:30-14:00        Midface and infraorbital corrections, dr Raul Cetto

14:00-15:00        LUNCH

15:00-15:45         Midface and infraorbital corrections- live demo dr Raul Cetto

15:45-16:00         SoMe-Personalized rejuvenation, dr Kristina Davidović

16:00-16:30        Cellenis live demo, dr Marijana Krstičević

16:30-16:45         Revanesse lips, dr Nenad Stanković

16:45-17:00         Aptos threads brow lift live demo, dr Nataša Milošević

17:00-17:15         EMSCULPT NEO Best non-invasive body shaping technology dr Goran Milev

17:15-17:45         Giving your patient the confidence they deserve – Different Approach to achieving RadiaNt Results Dr. Ilan Karavani

17:45-19:00        Prof. Sebastian Cotofana and injectors:

-Full face live injection VS Full face live cadaver dissection



09:00-09:15        Complications in aesthetic medicine, step by step approach- dr Gorana Bijelić

09:15-09:30        Combining different laser technology in purpose of nonsurgical facelifting, dr Marija Bošković

09:30-10:00       Face 22 – Different Approach to achieving RadiaNt Results Dr. Ilan Karavani

10:00-10:30        Restylane- safety and satisfaction, dr Elena Martin

10:30-11:00        Lower third Corrections- dr Raul Cetto

11:00-11:15         ALLERGAN an ABBVIE Company COFEE BREAK

11:15-11:45         Jalupro, From Extracellular Matrix to Deeper connective tissue, a new option for Biorevitalisation, dr Gurnam Virdi, dr Anne Gaelle Benoit

11:45-12:15        Role of Polynucleotides and High molecular weight HA in the “Liquid Lifting effect” and skin rejuvenation, dr Andrea Brunoro (Promoitalia)

12:15-12:45        Jalupro live demo, dr Gurnam Virdi

12:45-13:30       Lower third corrections- live demo dr Raul Cetto

13:30-14:15       Allergan Medical Institute– “Unlocking the messages of the face” – Dr Leonard Josipović (Germany/UAE)

14:15-15:00       LUNCH

15:00-15:45      Live injection demonstration: Dr Leonard Josipović (Germany/UAE)

15:45-16:00      EMTONE Touch the future of cellulite reduction- dr Goran Milev

16:00-16:30     BAP technique-5 steps to perfect skin: Everyone is a masterpiece, dr Kristina Davidović

16:30-17:00     Face 22 – Different Approach to achieving RadiaNt Results Dr. Ilan Karavani

17:00-17:15      Affordable Skincare after treatment, dr Marijana Tubić, dr Gorana Bijelić, dr Kristina Davidović

17:15-17:45      Live injection demonstration: Beautifying lips with different Juvederm® products – Dr Radina Denkova (Bulgaria)

17:45-18:15     Neuromodulator Complications Explained Prof. Cotofana

18:15-18:30    Open Question and Answers with Prof. Cotofana





             Hyatt Regency Belgrade – Milentija Popovica 5, Beograd